generate more income than expenses

Looking for an investment property that will generate more income than expenses and give you the best possible return on your investment? By purchasing a positive cash flow property with the help of Landmark Investments Australia, you can enjoy the benefits of a property that generates high rental rates with low interest rates, leading to lower repayments and ultimately more money coming in than going out.

The perfect positive cash flow properties

Landmark Investments Australia specialises in finding the perfect positive cash flow properties for investors. All of our properties are new and eligible for deductions of

  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Building costs
  • Other holding costs that are deductible against taxes paid

Properties characteristics

At Landmark Investments Australia, we encourage investors to consider these tips to help you fine tune the search for your ideal investment property:

  • Look in suburbs that generate a higher yield.
  • Consider purchasing properties that are between 20% and 40% lower than the suburb’s median price.
  • Search for properties that can generate multiple income streams, e.g. a house with a granny flat in the back yard.
  • Look for properties that are close to train stations, universities or school zones, major shopping centres, hospitals and market hubs.
  • Always look for new properties as they will have the building warranties and will normally attract better tenants.
  • Keep an eye on the interest rates, and if you’re on a variable rate, consider fixing either partially or in full when you feel like the rate is at its lowest.
  • Chose an offset account when possible as this will give you flexibility and safety.

purchasing property using your Super

If you’re purchasing property using your Superannuation, one of the conditions as mandated by law is that the property must be cash flow positive from day one.

We will provide you with a full cash flow analysis to demonstrate that your proposed property investment will be cash flow positive so that you can analyse the numbers before going ahead.

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