Easy to follow four step process

One Hour FREE Consultation for the discovery of the Client’s needs and objectives to be achieved within the client’s timeframe. We also work out the best strategy to achieve these objectives, whether it is using equity or superannuation or both. We will present high level cash flows in order to give the Client’s a clear idea as to how this strategy and our services will complement and help them achieve their objectives.

Work out the affordability for maximum borrowing capacity to discover the boundaries and combine both strategies to see the best and final result to position the client with the best long term strategies to begin the purchasing steps will meet the finance specialist and or the financial planners to confirm all the numbers.

At this stage, we revisit everything from Step 01 & 02 and make sure that everything is clear and understood. We also look at different property opportunities and discuss them in details. We make sure that the client is fully aware of the services available to them including our added value services for a period of 10 years.

We reserve the property that best suits the client’s requirements and start the journey to wealth creation through investment properties. This is the last step but this doesn’t mean that it is the end of your interaction with us, we will be monitoring and making sure that all of your investment strategies are running within set parameters to ensure a strong portfolio on an ongoing basis as part of the services we provide.

Experience the Landmark Difference

  • 10 years rental support to safeguard your investment income
  • 10 years financial planning advice (general advice) to plan ahead for retirement
  • 10 years tax returns for an individual buyer to maximize your tax returns
  • Complete SMSF set up to purchase property using superannuation
  • Finance or advice to maximise investment borrowings

Why choose Landmark

  • We have more than 21 years of experience developing and selling positive cash flow properties to investors.
  • You’ll find the majority of our properties located in Melbourne’s best and most popular suburbs.
  • Our investment properties are situated close to essential services and amenities such as school zones, universities, train stations, hospitals and major shopping centres.
  • All of our properties are either newly built or purchased off-the-plan.
  • Landmark Investments Australia has access to over 125 unique projects, with more than 10,000 properties to choose from in Melbourne.
  • You can potentially receive up to $120,000 AUD tax free Government rebate as part of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

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