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It is possible, and not at all difficult, to buy an investment property using your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). The key point, as with any purchase or transaction involving an SMSF, is that the fund must remain compliant according to Australian laws. Though it is up to the trustees of the fund to maintain that compliance, the licensed financial planners partners of Landmark Investments Australia can provide you with all the guidance and advice you need prior to the purchase of your investment property.

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Arrange Your SMSF with a recommended Landmarkfinancial planner.

Establishing a Self-Managed Super Fund is easy. How can we help you?

  • Let one of our recommended financial planners coordinate with your fund manager, insurance company, the ATO, and if necessary your bank to open the required bank account in the name of your newly-created superannuation account.
  • They will help you establish a complete SMSF with all the required entities to purchase the selected property.
  • Landmark’s associated finance arm will help your SMSF secure the best finance available, ensuring all Self-Managed Super Fund documents related to your investment purchase comply fully with superannuation laws and regulations, maximising your ongoing success.

Your 8 Point SMSF Checklist

Seeking the right advice about your self-managed super fund will improve its likelihood of paying big dividends.

Before moving forward with your SMSF investment purchase, we suggest reviewing our essential eight-point checklist. Become familiar with the most important points of purchasing property using Superannuation, and one of our associated professional consultants will tend to these for you.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and it should not be viewed as formal advice. Self-Managed Super Fund purchases involve many financial and tax issues, and every transaction is unique.

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8 Point SMSF Checklist

  1. Has your Self-Managed Super Fund been established, signed and dated by all trustees and members?
  2. Are you clear who should be named as the ‘Purchaser’ within the contract and who should sign the contract?
  3. Have you opened an SMSF bank account and does it have enough funds to pay the deposit and all other settlement fees?
  4. Are your current insurances being transferred to your new Self-Managed Super Fund?
  5. Have you a clear Self-Managed Super Fund ‘investment strategy’?
  6. Are you confident you will receive rental income from your property to cover all the repayments and expenses?
  7. Does your finance broker have enough experience in SMSF lending to help with your specific needs for a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA)?
  8. Do you have a team of financial experts that can jointly guide you through your financial journey and give you the assurances necessary to feel confident you will reach your financial objectives at retirement?
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