Since 1996

The Club has been established by Landmark Investments (Holdings) Australia Pty Ltd for all its clients since the company started operating in 1996 and will. The Club programs are designed for all investors whether you are purchasing your first investment or expanding your existing portfolio. We will provide a full education and guidance on new and semi-professional property investors, the 3 memberships will have different milestones to go from silver to gold and gold to diamond, the individual strategies will be tailor made for each investors based on their needs and objectives and their life plan. Our exclusive club will educate clients and assist them to purchase the ideal investment with the best finance package and financial map for at least 10 years.

Added value services

Once you purchase your investment, the following added value services will be attached to your investment at no extra cost

  • 10 Years of Rental Support to safeguard your investment income
  • 10 Years of Financial Planning Advice (General Advice) to plan ahead for retirement
  • 10 Years Financial Advice to maximise your investment borrowings
  • 10 Years Tax Returns for an individual buyer to maximize your tax refunds
  • 10 Yeats Tax advice to maintain the best financial partnership with the tax office
  • Complete SMSF setup to purchase property using superannuation

As a club member, when you buy an investment property, you will enjoy the above value added services which allows you to make a better informed and structured decision when entering the investment business or when expanding on your existing portfolio.

How does it work?

Through our fully licensed real estate arm, we earn commissions which is the same as when you buy through a real estate agent. However the club difference is that we give back to the clients to make sure that they are dealing with the best professionals and receive the best advice without it costing them a cent backed by our parent company’s 22 years’ experience.

Why join

The Real Estate Investors Club of Australia provides a team of financial experts to jointly assist clients with the knowledge of their different disciplines to give clients confidence to make the first or further property purchases, understanding that clients will be guided and advised correctly and in a joint effort from finance specialists, financial planners, accountants and property experts they will be in the best starting position after discovering their full financial and borrowing potential.

I want to know more

Experience the difference

The difference between the average person and someone coached by us at The Real Estate Investors Club of Australia (REICA), is that our investors have taken the opportunity to acquire knowledge and learn the importance of financial due diligence which is essential when buying investment properties.

As part of The Real Estate Investors Club of Australia, we provide you with the latest market updates in order for you to learn the secrets of successful investors and business people, in order to create wealth and pass on this successful strategies to your family and friends. The Real Estate Investors Club of Australia has been established to help change clients financial outlook of their lives while saving them time and money.

With everyone trying to sell you something, investing your hard earned money can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start can be confusing, and many people dream about financial independence, however for many reasons they fail to act. By joining The Real Estate Investors Club of Australia. We will provide guidance in every step of the way in order for you to achieve your financial goals and become a successful investor.

The Benefits in joining

  • Learn how to research your ideal financial objective in the desired time frame
  • Learn the importance of financial due diligence
  • Learn to make every investment, a successful one
  • Develop a life plan and change your direction when needed
  • Supported by or 22 years’ experience in property and finance will make a difference to your financial life
  • The joint effort of dedicated financial experts to help you take the right steps

FREE Financial Wealth Check

Moreover, these services are provided to all new member, we will conduct a FREE Financial Wealth Check for you to know where you are financially and where you would like to be in the next 10-15 years and will provide a fully structured strategy to show you how you could achieve your objectives with the support of our professional team of experts.

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Silver Membership
  • General Club Events
  • Access to educational Webinars/Seminars
  • Interviews with Industry Professionals
  • Regular updates on the Australian Property Market
  • Newsletters- bringing you up to date news and events
  • Free Financial Wealth Checks
  • Discounted Club Educational Tours
Gold Membership
  • General Club Events
  • Access to Educational Webinars/Seminars
  • Interviews with Industry professionals
  • Regular updates on the Australian Property Market
  • Newsletters- Bringing you up to date with news and Events
  • Free Financial Wealth Checks
  • Free Club Educational Tours
  • Exclusive Specialized Events & Offers just for Gold Members**
  • Dedicated Club Consultant for each investor**

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