Who we are

For over 25 years, we have been delivering proven investment programs to everyday people who want better results.

Our programs, specially formulated by property, tax, wealth and finance specialists, create astounding results for our clients.

Our expert team Leaders

Mario Pizarro


Mario is a speaker and author who travels the world to wake people up from their unconscious limited life so they can have a life that is conscious, limitless and rich.

Joseph Ballota


Joseph is a property coach who put hundreds of people on the road towards wiping away their mortgage in under 5 years through expert property investment plans.

Our Mission

We aim to help Australians from all walks of life achieve their long term wealth creation goals through property.

Our valued clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our team members and mastermind alliance, as they are guided through the processes of choosing the right property, selecting a property that won’t cripple the budget and creating appropriate strategies that can achieve their objectives by informing them of all the different components in the process.

The Mastermind Alliance

A key reason for our lasting success is the many close ties we have established with independent licensed consultants. When you buy a Landmark property, these experts will be available to you for 10 years as part of our Value-Added Services program.

Our referral partners in the following fields of expertise:

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