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5 Tips for First Time Property Investors

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Each year we speak with countless people who are held up on their journey to financial freedom because they haven’t received the right financial setup. That’s why it’s important to work with experts who have decades of experience that can best position your property portfolio for rapid growth after buying the first investment property.

Taking the correct steps first can shave years off investors journey to financial freedom and that’s why we work with so many first-time investors to create and execute a solid action plan to achieve their financial goals.

To help first-time property investors get started on the right foot, we’ve put together 5 simple tips you can follow for you to start your journey on investing.


Get Your Finances In Order

Discover your options by speaking to a Property Coach that can guide you through the steps that must be walked which include understanding what you wish to achieve by investing in property. Having this total clarity is of outmost importance.

Booking a 30 min, one-one-on consultation, that is obligation-free, will an interesting conversation regarding what you clearly want, why you want that, and why aren’t you there yet.

Once we have cleared the wants and why, we can get to the data needed to provide clients their borrowing capacity to invest in a property. Knowing this will also help you get your mindset ready to start the journey and for us to provide suitable property investment packages to suit the budgets and needs.


Do Your Research

It’s a well-kept secret that some of the most profitable investments are actually brand new homes. This is the case for a few reasons. Like when you buy a new home, you pay less stamp duty, and that there are several legal tax deductions available for investors who buy these properties.

Location is key

For many investors, choosing the location for their investment property can be a gamble. When working with experts who have an established proven formulas for selecting high-performance investments, you’re more likely to achieve your financial objectives.

When recommending investments, we look for high capital growth potential and cash-flow positive investments with:

As a new or first-time investor, you might be looking at property that’s close to home, but it may be wise to consider all these factors if you’re looking to maximise returns.

Get A Mentor

The top athletes in the world have coaches, and not so differently, the top 1% of investors do as well. Securing a mentor is one of the best things that you can do if you’re new to the world of investing. Learn the strategies from someone who has a lifetime of experience in property investment – rather than trying to do it all yourself with the assistance of your reference group of good intention advisors, like friends, relatives, neighbours, co-workers, the Sunday barbecue mates, the uber driver and others, that can only lead you to same results they are getting.


Have an Action Plan and Stick To It

Having a proven strategy when investing is like following a beacon of light across a dark ocean. The pitfalls waiting for first time property investors are easily avoided by working with an experienced mastermind of professionals. The team at Landmark Investments, led by 35+ year experienced property investor Mario Pizarro, has seen it all, and having helped secure thousands of properties for his clients. If it has worked for thousands of clients and property investors, we believe is worth to take a look at the strategy that can help reduce the interest rate on your principal residence to as low as 0.75%, paying off your home loan in approximately 5 to 7 years, reducing taxes by approximately 30% and retire in 10 years with 5 to 10 properties.


Plan your life and live your plan.

Buying your first investment property doesn’t have to be scary with the right people doing the work for you along the journey. To start, you need to know your crystal-clear objective, and why you want it. To succeed, you must stay the course and trust in a process proven over hundreds of years.

At Landmark Investments, our mission is to improve people’s lives by helping them brake the chuckles of their 30 years loan sentence and reduce it to approximately 5 years as a first milestone, leaving the taxes refunded together with loan products and applications that are fully managed by Landmark together with its clients.

We have helped thousands of clients across Australia with specialty programs to

  1. We can reduce a 30 years home loans sentence down to as short as 5 years
  2. Claim back approximately 30% of your Tax and put back in your pocket
  3. Retire with a portfolio of properties 5 to 10 properties in 10 years

Get started with a free, one-on-one Zoom consultation about this program and the different properties we have available by clicking here. Click to schedule a time.