It’s time to build your property portfolio

It’s time to build

Your property portfolio

Personalised investment strategies designed by our property experts to create long-term wealth and secure your retirement.

Our Pathway to Wealth

Landmark has helped 10,000+ people buy property to build their investment portfolios, pay off their home loan twice as fast, and reduce their income tax.
Our property team consistently finds cash-flow positive properties in growing areas that deliver above-average capital growth and rental yield.
Since 1996, Landmark has been building a mastermind of expert property, wealth, tax, legal and finance professionals that work in harmony to create you wealth.
You are here because you want better results. We are here to share our knowledge and expertise to achieve your financial objectives as soon as possible in a safe manner.

Cash-Flow Positive Properties

We have an in-house team of property experts who hand-select our recommended properties that are in growing areas and should deliver strong capital growth and rental yield returns.

Investment Planning

Work one-on one with our partnered financial planners to create an investment strategy that is personalised to your situation and prepares you for retirement.

10 Years of Rental Support

We're confident in the properties we recommend and we're willing to backup that up with a guarantee. For 10 years, we will cover the difference if you can't find a tenant for the property.

Property Management

Need a tenant from day one? We have an expert team of qualified property managers that use professional marketing to advertise your property and maximise your rental returns.

3 Steps to Get Started

There is no charge to complete this process.


One of our team members will discuss your financial objectives with you and complete a free borrowing capacity check.


We work with you one-on-one to create a personalised investment strategy designed to achieve your goals.


Our in-house property analyst will recommend the best growing, profitable investment areas and opportunities.

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Our Success Stories

"Landmark has got an excellent team of friendly people. I can call them, mail them at any time asking for support and I get an immediate response"
Property Investor
"Landmark built a big portfolio for us, something that I never dreamed that we will be able to do, without any real financial impact on myself"
Property Investor
"Landmark helped us to pick our properties, they know which ones are in prime location and will increase equity in order to make the property working for us"
Fhar & Marv
Property Investors

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