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It’s an exclusive program for new and existing Landmark clients to make referrals and share the Landmark vision for a mortgage-free life.

Successful referrals made through the program are eligible for a $1000 referral reward payable once the client takes ‘The debt reduction program’ and purchases a property with Landmark.

Just send their details in an email to Francesca (Membership Coordinator) at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can register them for the Mortgage Buster Webinar by clicking here.

As shown on the compensation plan in the launch document, you can earn $1000 for every referral who takes ‘The Landmark Debt Reduction Program’. There are also network rewards, so you can receive bonuses if someone you introduced successfully refers someone to the program.

Only clients of Landmark are eligible to refer. If your friends recommend some people to you to approach, then they are considered as your referrals, because your friends are not clients of Landmark.

  • Referrals must have paid deposit and signed contracts.
  • They must have purchased a land and house package. 
  • Have a registered and active ABN
  • Have and invoice with bank details for Landmark to deposit rewards

No. You are not employed by Landmark. You are an independent business member and you need an ABN to run the Landmark Opportunity. You invoice Landmark when your referral payments are ready to be paid out.

You will receive a notification from Landmark that will be sent to you by email. One of our staff will be in touch with you also to confirm.

Referral awards are paid out within 14 days after the referral client has paid the deposit. Once the deposit is paid, someone from our team will notify you. You will need to send an invoice to [email protected] with your ABN and bank details. (Should you require a template, Francesca Santoro will be able to provide this for you)

There is no limit on how many people you can refer to Landmark. The more referrals, the greater the opportunity you create for yourself.

No. You are in control. The more successful referrals, the more income you create.

Friends and family must be clients of Landmark before they can be remunerated on referring others.

The marketing team has provided videos to be shared with your friends under Resources ….

  • Go to the Landmark website –
  • Click on Members Club in the top right corner
  • Enter your username (your username is your firstname+lastname with no space. Eg. TaylorSwift)
  • Enter your password which was sent to you (if you have forgotten your password – you can click reset password)
  • Click Login and the Navigation menu will change

Should your referral purchase more than one property, then you are compensated the same amount for the second property. Eg. If Sally purchases two properties, then you receive $1000 per property – a total of $2000.

Your payment is processed within 14 days of your referral paying their 1st deposit to Landmark for the property.

You can invite anyone that is not a client of Landmark.

Yes you do need an ABN

Tools are available on the Members section of the Landmark website. There you will find promotional material to help you build your Landmark Opportunity. You will find recorded training, testimonial Videos, promotional material to send to clients and relevant documents to help you build your business.

You are an independent business owner under the Landmark opportunity umbrella. Your role is to promote Landmark by referring people to review our service and should you choose to, there is enhanced compensation when your referrals duplicate the same. As a business owner the more leverage you create through building a team or referrals, the larger your compensation.

There is no startup fee. There is a Members Agreement that discloses some basic guidelines so you are clear on the opportunity. Please sign, date and return to our team.

Yes, you are paid down to 7 levels. Please see the diagram below.

EG. If your referral John successfully refers two people to Landmark, that would be considered your Level 2. Therefore John would receive the Level 1 payment of $1000 per property and you would receive the level 2 payment of $500 per property.

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