Finance Strategies

Securing finance for a major purchase like an investment property typically requires a lot of research and shopping around for the right finance service – especially now that it is more than just the big banks offering the service. If you’re looking for investment finance our preferred and independent Finance Broker – Zinnker Finance will be happy to help.

Our clients say

Finance for Overseas Investors

Overseas investors can take advantage of the most competitive interest rates available in Australia for purchasing local investment properties.

  • Borrow up to 60% of the property purchase price.
  • Minimum deposit of 40% required (plus other associated expenses with a property purchase, including solicitor’s fees, government stamp duty, rates, etc).
  • Up to 35-year loan terms.

Stamp duties

If you’re an overseas investor, you’ll need to allow approximately 12% of the purchase price for stamp duties. At the moment, loan approvals can stay current for up to 3 years.

After assessing your borrowing needs and objectives we will provide you with a recommendation that will match your individual objectives:

  • Competitive interest rates while Australia’s official cash rate is at record-low
  • Easy process and no Australian visas required to purchase properties


The enclosed information is for general information only and must not be relied upon for any purpose. We cannot guarantee its accuracy. Any information or impression obtained should be checked with an independent financial advisor. Your full financials would need a review prior to acceptance of any offer or product.